Automotive Accessories

Automotive accessories are essentially non-essential parts for vehicles that add functionality or embellish the feel or look of your vehicle.

There are so many different accessories available for vehicle, the one I cam going to talk about are Body Kits.

Body Kits are external modifications to the vehicle and consist of a collection of fenders (front, rear bumpers and side skirts). They are an aesthetic accessory that adds a certain image to the vehicle. If you have ever been to a car show you will have seen these in all their glory. The front, rear and side parts are the main bits you will find modified, however there are other parts available like Spoilers, roof scoops and modified bonnets.

These kits are designed to compliment each other, if you mix and max different parts from different kits it is likely that the appearance will not have the desired effect, they are manufactured to be purchased is sets and that is how you will see their real potential. They are usually manufactured with polyurethane or fibreglass, some special parts like bonnets are manufactured from Carbon Fibre, Carbon Fibre parts are substantially more effective and do not offer a great difference in weight. Polyurethane tends to be the most popular choice as they are more durable, do not crack in cold weather and are far more resistant to damage than fibreglass ones.

Body Kits are just an accessory as they do not actually effect how the automobile works or runs, they are an optional extra that is pleasing on the eye.

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